Family Solutions that Really Work!
No more out of control children .... or out of control parents
Does this sound familiar?
     Temper tantrums
     Foul language
     Unpredictable reactions
     Abusive behaviour
     Lack of flexibility
Aneta Chencinski, M.Ed.
Family & Parent Coach
Is this you?
    Exhausted from ongoing battles with your kids?
    Intimidated by your child's displays of rage?
    Feel helpless and sad?
    Craving to create real communication with your kids...but don't know where to        start?
    Almost Ready to give up the hope that “it too shall pass”.
Are you looking to..
     Establish firm limits and clear boundaries.
     Hold your child accountable for his or her conduct.
     Teach your children to manage feelings and control behaviors.
     Communicate more openly and effectively.
     Create an environment of responsibility and respect.

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